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Good Or Not? : Sin Heng Kee Porridge @ Yishun Junction 9

Hello fellow broke students, Chad here for another post on a recommended eating spot that has just recently popped up in the vicinity of Yishun! Don’t underestimate this place hor, its’ not just well-known for murders and serial cat-killers it seems.

Just kidding only, Yishun is known for the famous Yishun 925 chicken rice as well as the famous dessert stall with some family rivalry going on, which I think we all know and love. But with tons of reviews on those stalls its’ really getting old. And honestly I’ve tried the above 2 and it somehow it feels a bit over-hyped.

Now, before you go ahead and judge my tastebuds (this guy really too much sia he looks down on my favourite chicken rice stall leh!), those two stalls are good in their own right with the amount of effort that they put into perfecting their craft.

Onto the actual review.

Sin Heng Kee Porridge is located along Yishun Avenue 9, at the newly opened Junction Nine (Like seriously? Junction 10, Junction 8 then now Junction 9? What is this, iPhone models ah?). Apparently at the time of this post, they have another stall at Hougang which I’m assuming is the older original stall.


Above is a map of the location of the restaurant (thats’ what they call themselves), its’ about a 10 minutes walk from Yishun MRT or alternatively if you’re a lazy shit you could take bus 811 from Yishun Bus interchange, which is situated beside Northpoint Shopping Centre.

I went there in the evening, at about 7.30-8pm or so. Do note that you may have to wait for a seat, this place is small and the tables and chairs have already been placed so close together that it feels like those new BTO flats the way everything is squeezed.

First impressions was that “crowded means good liao“, plus the place has air-conditioning, which in 30-degree Singapore heat is a relief! The picture below shows you roughly what they sell there, which you can see is 99% porridge offerings. Prices range from $4-$6 per bowl, albeit expensive for a student but is it good or not?


They have over 30 different types of porridges, most of which are just variations in ingredients as far as I could tell. One mention would be the frog leg porridge, or tian ji zhou as they call it in Mandarin. However, I didn’t go for that (because of price reasons – they offer 1 frog onwards at about $8 per frog if i remember correctly) and instead I chose their Signature Porridge, which is just about the nicest way to say porridge with every single ingredient that they offer.

The Signature Porridge here at Sin Heng Kee set me back about $6 (siao liao expensive sia) but I have to say, the amount of ingredients impressed me! Inside the porridge they have handmade minced pork balls, pig liver, pig intestines, century egg, cuttlefish and dory fish! Basically the porridge was almost 50% ingredients (no joke), which usually is quite good considering some porridges are 80% porridge.

I added an extra plate of you tiao at the cost of $1.20 per plate.


So how did it fare on the taste test? Well firstly, what I found to be a big plus was the self-service crispy brown onions, the stuff you put on your porridge with the spring onions. Taste-wise I think overall it was passable, nothing great to really go wow but their generosity in terms of their ingredients is quite commendable hor.

The fish they gave was not batang fish but instead, dory fish. This I found to be quite a downside, maybe because personally I don’t like the taste of dory and it is generally a cheap substitute for the firmer batang fish.

The porridge rice itself fell in between a congee consistency and teochew porridge watery, so this was okay for me since it didn’t entirely taste like I was eating rice with water seperately. The soy sauce and slight hint of sesame oil made the porridge more palatable.

Century egg was pretty normal, along with the pork meat balls, which is definitely quite fresh. The cuttlefish was not chewy, but instead had a kind of bite to it but had a slight squid taste given that its’ preserved, nothing spectacular either.


What I particularly liked about the porridge was mainly the pig liver, which came as 1-2 large pieces, not the kind you eat in bak chor mee but thicker and richer.

The most disappointing was the you tiao, which I feel was too doughy and not crispy at all. Moreover it was served slightly cold, like you could tell it kind of lao hong. Not worth the $1.20. It was okay given that if you put it in the porridge (which I did) then it tastes slightly better, since it soaks up the porridge flavour.

Overall, I would not say that this was a life-changing gastronomic adventure, but it was average with the only redeeming factor being the generousity with the ingredients . Interesting to taste all of the ingredients in one bite, but individually they tasted average.

So is this place good or not?

I would say ok-ok only, I would advise you to give it a try but I wouldn’t go back a second time. 2.5/5 for me

TL’DR version:

  1. Average porridge, price was on high side ($4-6)
  2. Ingredients were generous, but individually lackluster
  3. You tiao was insultingly horrible

Hope you students/value-seekers found this review helpful! Do suggest places I should try that are below $10, $5 or $20!

Address: Junction Nine, 18 Yishun Avenue 9 #01-33 , 768897

Expected Damage: $4 onwards


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